Monday, September 28, 2009

Back Again and Better Than Ever!

It's good to be back in the blogging world. I took a break thinking it would only be for a couple of months, but things are dragging on longer than I had hoped, so I decided I'd get back to my sort of weekly updates. As hinted in the last post, big things are coming for Patchplay. Lori and I are working hard and hope to have a big announcement by January 2010 at the latest. It's taking a long time to do all the work we have to do simply because we still have to work at regular, boring, non-quilty jobs in order to eat and pay the mortgage and the utility bills. So, like the famous duck, we may look calm and unruffled up top, but underneath the water we're paddling like mad!

While I can't show you pictures yet of what we are working on, I can tell you how excited we are to finally be developing our own designs into patterns. It's been a very rewarding process so far, and if we never make a penny, still the personal growth and satisfaction will have been worth it.

As far as my private quilting life, there hasn't been much of it, but I do have a new kit that I bought in Jasper to work on, some lovely wildflowers by McKenna Ryan, and so it will be added to the ever-growing pile of kits. I sometimes think I like the idea of having a kit more than making a kit. And I did recently help my daughter-in-law make her first quilt, a gift for a friend's new daughter, so that was fun, and hopefully we have made a new convert!