Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Movin' On Up

Thanks to all of you who have followed my blog here for the past year or so. I'm not done blogging by any means, but my blog has now been moved to our quilt pattern website, Patchplay. Lori and I are thrilled to finally have it up and running. Come by and visit. Read the blog, look at the patterns, and have some fun with us as we continue our adventures in the world of quilting.

Once again the new blog is at Patchplay Quilting.

See you there!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


While I may not be blogging about my quilting life, that doesn't mean it is non-existent. I am working nearly every spare minute I have on some very exciting things, including patterns for Patchplay and other places (soon to be revealed!). I am crossing things off a very long list and making great progress, and I know one of the things helping me is that I often listen to quilting podcasts while I quilt. Lately I have been catching up on the Sew, Stitch, Create podcasts by Brye Lynn. She always has a specific quilting topic to talk about, which I enjoy, and she does a lot of research to make sure she's conversant with said topic. I highly recommend her podcasts, so if you haven't listened yet, give them a try.

By the way, do you ever say to yourself, What did we do before we had the Internet? I love it for keeping in touch with people and for learning new things. It's one of the great things about living in the 21st Century. Thanks, all you podcasters, for all you do to keep us informed and entertained!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Come Join the Block Party!

For those of you still thinking (maybe erroneously) that you have more free time yet to spend, you might consider joining the Block Party.

Every quarter Alissa and Kristen, the hosts of the Block Party Quiltalong, will post a tutorial on how to make a specific style of quilt block. They will show you the options for the different ways to make the block. Then you make the block, put your own spin on it, and post pictures of your project on their Flickr site.

Alissa and Kristen are in the process of writing a book for C&T Publishing about the online modern quilting community, and how virtual quilting bees are promoting a sense of community online and enabling quilters worldwide to be part of a circle of quilters, much like early quilters experienced in their church groups or communities.

Check it out, and if you like what you see, then join the group. They are also hoping this group spawns its own spin-off quilting bees, which you can choose to join as well. I say anything that helps us connect with fellow quilters is a very good thing!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Christmas Quilts

I remember reading about a woman who made Christmas quilts for every bed in her house and put them on the beds for a few weeks during the Christmas season. Ever since then I have set that as a goal, but as of right now I don't have a single Christmas quilt for any bed. But all that is about to change. My next project is going to be a Christmas quilt I have designed called Christmas Ribbons. The pattern is designed, the fabrics are purchased, and all I'm waiting for is a tiny bit of freer time so that I can begin. I will give you a little teaser here and post a picture of the fabric. They are from the City Girl Holiday line by Kitty Yoshida for Benartex Fabrics, and it should surprise no one who knows me that every single one of the fabrics is etched with gold.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Zen of Embroidery

I've been doing some hand embroidery on my table runners this week, and I have rediscovered that doing embroidery with a needle and thread has a unique pleasure and rhythm to it. I haven't done any serious handwork for many years, and though I still do not want to start piecing an entire quilt together by hand, there's something very rewarding about making even stitches with your own hand rather than by machine. When they turn out good, you immediately feel the reward, and when they turn out bad, you can easily remove them and make them good. It's as though the bad never existed at all.

It's quiet, too, sewing with needle and thread, a good time to be alone with your thoughts and watch the pattern emerge slowly, slowly, like a leaf unfolding or a butterfly emerging or a baby growing. And holding something in your hand makes it possible to see details you never noticed before. There's an intimacy about fabric and needle and thread all within a foot of your eyes that reduces the world to a very tiny, very manageable space, even if only for a short time.

I think I may put aside some time every day for some embroidery, even after the table runners are completed. It's better than yoga for relaxation and cheaper than flying to a beach somewhere and, dare I say it, nearly as good as chocolate!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I am a HUGE fan of the bling: sparkles, jewels, beads, buttons, glitter -- everything's better with glitter -- metallic thread, studs, eyelets, charms. Well, you get the idea. I am, like monkeys and raccoons and ravens, hypnotized by shiny stuff. I was at Michael's looking around for some things to embellish my table runners that I am designing, and then I saw it. It was big and sparkly and had every color of the rainbow. And I had to have it. The picture shows three, but, honest, I only bought one. Who's excited to bead some things!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Variety is the Spice of Life

I've listened to a few podcasts lately of interviews with famous quilters like Elly Sienkiewicz, Mimi Dietrich, Gwen Marston and Freddy Moran. While I admire greatly the work that Elly Sienkiewicz does and am in awe of her vast store of knowledge about Baltimore Album quilts, I feel more in sync with Gwen Marston and her eclectic style. I'm not really an art quilter, but I do get bored just doing one type of quilt all the time. That's why I'll never be an expert on any particular style or technique, but that's okay by me. I figure the day I stop having fun quilting is the day I stop quilting.

I've been working on a series of table runners for Patchplay that have applique on them, and while I have enjoyed making them, I'm more than ready for some piecing, just piecing. If I had to do only applique for the rest of my life, I fear I would soon feel like poking a needle in my eye. Yet, having said that, if only piecing was available to me, I think the same eye-poking instinct would set in.

So here's to variety in quilting and in life. Thank goodness for experts who find their niche and stick with it, but I will continue to flit around until I have tried every technique or style intrigues me.